Lulzsec, Lies, and the Call to Wake

2011-06-27 00:03:05 by chort

For the past 50 days LulzSec has captured the attention of the information security community, the mainstream media, and just about every other kind of media. Has anyone stopped to wonder what it is that causes the LulzSec saga to be so "sticky?"

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Hey, your website makes me nervous

2011-06-24 16:27:04 by chort

Don't you just love those sites that try to make you feel "extra safe" by putting padlock images on everything, even the "next" button?

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Creating Stickiness Without FUD

2011-06-11 22:22:10 by chort

I must be the last person in the world reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The book is full of relatable concepts, but the one that's struck me the hardest so far is how a university professor was able to convince students to get tetanus shots.

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