Why the SOPA/PIPA Protests Worked

2012-01-18 22:53:40 by chort

While we all wear our arms out patting ourselves on the back for the remarkable changing of tides today, let's not forgot why the website blackouts actually worked: Because of the massive number of phone calls to senators and representatives. You can whine on Facebook and change your Twitter profile picture all you want, but no one in Washington D.C. will ever notice that. When a massive number of people jam phone lines and overflow voicemail boxes, THAT gets their attention. If you haven't called your senators and representative yet, your job is not finished. Make sure you call all three before the PIPA vote on January 24th.

Make no mistake, this war isn't over. The MPAA and RIAA will come back over and over again, in sneakier and sneakier ways. It costs them a lot less money to buy congresspeople than it does to take risks by investing in new business models. This is why I'm proposing another course of action: Defeat Lamar Smith in the next election. I made a promise today on Twitter to contribute the maximum legal amount to a candidate with a legitimate shot to defeat Rep Smith, and I intend to follow-through. We need to send a message that not only do we get pissed off when businesses buy laws, we don't forget who facilitated them.

We can't afford to financially assail every pro-SOPA/PIPA congressperson up for reelection, but we can make life miserable for one of them. Rep. Smith has been the most visible and the least rational MPAA/RIAA cheerleader, accepting all their propaganda verbatim, without any attempt to question it. This deliberate any-intellectualism (blocking network architects from even testifying on the ramifications of proposed legislation, and dismissing all amendments without consideration) needs to be punished. It's not OK to legislate out of ignorance. The citizens of Texas should be ashamed of putting this man into office, and they certainly shouldn't keep him there.

Even if you read this months after the posting date (January of 2012), it's almost certainly still relevant. Big, old corporate interests are still going to be attempting to legislate away any competitive or disruptive market forces, to protect their obsolete business models. Educate yourself, fight back. If you some how came to be reading this blog post and have no idea what I'm upset about, here are some references.

EFF action site for SOPA/PIPA.
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A technical examination of SOPA and PROTECT IP.
Statement by several brilliant, well-known artists against SOPA/PIPA
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Learn about corporate money's corrupting influence (and what YOU can do).

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