I Think Ankit Fadia Is A Fraud

2013-02-18 10:06:06 by chort

You may have heard of Ankit Fadia at some point through the main-stream media. At first glance, his story is one of those made-for-TV scripts of a child prodigy. What you probably don't know is he's widely believed in the security industry to be a charlatan. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but I invite you to read the long list of supporting evidence that has been compiled by the folks at attrition.org. Most damning, in my mind, is the lists of books Ankit Fadia "wrote" that contain blatant plagiarism. At the time of this writing, all 7 of his books reviewed by attrition.org contained plagiarism.

The message here is pretty clear: Don't use Ankit Fadia as a source for anything. The only thing he should be on TV for again is explaining why he ripped off so many people's work without giving them proper credit.

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